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  • 300W Landscape Toroidal Transformer (20014)

    300W Landscape Toroidal Transformer

    Description: The Bulb Basic 300W Landscape Toroidal Transformer provides reliable, efficient, and quiet operation for outdoor lighting systems. Featuring a resin-sealed toroidal core, it operates cooler and quieter than traditional EI laminated...

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  • 150W Landscape Toroidal Transformer (20013)

    150W Landscape Toroidal Transformer

    Description: The Bulb Basic 150W Landscape Toroidal Transformer is designed for reliable and efficient outdoor lighting solutions. Utilizing a resin-sealed toroidal core, this transformer operates cooler, quieter, and more efficiently than traditional...

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  • Driver for Landscape Lights (23034 )

    Driver for Landscape Lights

    Description: The Bulb Basic Driver for Landscape Lights is a high-performance power supply designed to enhance your outdoor lighting systems. Engineered for landscape lighting, this driver supports up to 600W, providing reliable and efficient power...

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